Production and Printing Unit

  1. Designs and develops health education printed materials such as posters, pamphlets, leaflets, folders, stickers, etc.
  2. Develops manuals, handbooks, flipbooks, etc for use by field workers.
  3. Designs and develops presentations, videos, and other promotional materials on health and health education programmes.
  4. Designing and preparing teaching and learning materials to be used in schools, hospitals, clinics, and trainings.
  5. Plans, develops and/or procures health education and communication materials.
  6. Provides direction to photographers and artists for utilizing their skills in the production of education materials.
  7. Liaises with other health-related organizations and NGOs in preparing educational materials.
  8. Ensures proper maintenance and functioning of the printing press.
  9. Provides support for graphic design plate making and binding in connection with printing.
  10. Keeps activity records of the printing press.
  11. Procures raw materials needed for the printing press.