Functions & Responsibilities

The Bureau of Health Education functions under the Director General of Health Services (DGHS) and is responsible for:
  1. Providing educational support to all national health programmes including Primary Health Care (PHC).
  2. Providing consultative services and technical guidance to the Director General of Health Services in planning educational aspects of various health programmes.
  3. Planning, implementing and evaluating the health education aspects of various health programmes.
  4. Developing health education human resources by providing health education training to professional health educators as well as to personnel of other health and related departments and agencies.
  5. Incorporating health education components in the training programmes of all categories of health personnel working in various national health programmes.
  6. Integrating health education components in the teaching programmes of Medical and Nursing Colleges, Paramedical Institutes, Teachers Training Colleges, Primary Training Institutes, Institutes of Mass Media and Journalism, etc.
  7. Assisting in planning and implementation of the school health education programme.
  8. Planning and implementing the hospital and clinic health education programme.
  9. Designing and developing educational messages on different health issues.
  10. Producing and disseminating different kinds of educational materials for various health programmes.
  11. Planning and developing mass health education programmes through radio, television and newspaper.
  12. Procuring and supplying health education materials and equipment.
  13. Liaising and coordinating with development partners and NGOs in the promotion and implementation of health education activities.
  14. Monitoring and evaluating national health education programmes.
  15. Providing technical guidance and advisory services to different health managers in the planning, implementation and evaluation of health education components of their programmes.
  16. Coordinating and collaborating with international agencies and organizations to promote health education programmes.
  17. Providing professional leadership in health education in support of all national health programmes and promoting health education as an integral part of PHC and national health programmes.
  18. Conducting orientation in health education for programme managers and health administrators, and arrange training courses for health personnel and faculty of teaching institutes.
  19. Developing educational materials for training as well as for use in community health education programmes.
  20. Conducting field studies and research on socio-cultural beliefs that affect health behaviors.
  21. Planning the human, material and financial resources needed for the effective functioning of national health education services in the country.
  22. Monitoring and evaluating health education programs and activities at division, district, upazila and union levels.
  23. Coordinating and collaborating with international organizations promoting health education programmes.