School Health Session

Health Education Bureau under the Directorate General of Health Services are providing health education support to the primary and secondary school at National, Divisional, District, Upazila & below level. Health Education Officers at various administrative levels are responsible to organize health education sessions in the schools. They also conduct training programs for school teachers and community leaders on school health education to develop healthful school living environment and also to ensure school community cooperation.

To facilitate and strengthen school health education programs, Bureau of Health Education supplied IEC materials like poster, leaflet, booklets, modules, banners etc on different health issues/programs to the schools.

In Bangladesh special emphasis were given to primary schools of 64 Model Health Education Villages to ensure both preventive and promotive health care aiming to bring changes in the health behavior of the school children. For successful implementation of on going school health programs of our country, ‘a School Health committee’ was formed in each of the schools of Model Health Education Villages with representative from school teachers , local health field staffs, guardians, local leaders, Chairman, Members, Imam & voluntary organizations. In this way Health Education Officers are playing a catalytic role in developing linkage between health and education department.

On the other hand school Health services are being provided by M.O. of School Health Clinic at dist levels under the supervision of the Civil Surgeon of the respective dist. The curative care includes first aids, treatment of common ailments, nutrition promotion activities. They (M.Os) also refer the complicated cases to the dist hospitals (who need special care). In addition to this medical officers also conduct Health Education sessions in the school during their routine visit; they also take special attention on vision test, oral and dental health & ENT. In fact, School Health Education programs also carried out by the Mo. SI, HI, AHI, and HA in Upazila, Union and village level.